Health Benefits Of Owning A Pet

There might be more causes than you think to have a new hairy friend. It can be a cat, dog or any other animal of your choice. Advantages and disadvantages occur when buying furry pets, but you might be amazed to know about some amazing benefits related to health of being an owner of a pet. If you are confused about whether or not to own a pet, then your decision will be easier after reading the following tips:

  1. Boost Physical Activity

If you are having problem in staying physically active owning a new pet (any pet will do) might be just what you require. In the light of many different studies it has been shown that owning a dog increases physical activity, since those who own a dog walk for 20 minutes more per week per week than the one who do not own it. It does make sense, as most of the people who have dogs as pet, walk their dog frequently. Being more physical active reduces your chance for chronic diseases and helps in management of healthy weight.

  1. Improved Heart Health

Owning a pet can aid you enhanced heart health, because of enhanced physical activity and lesser risk factors for heart disease. It has been found, according to a study, in older adults, owning pet aid lowers resting blood pressure, and also control high blood pressure that is caused because of stress. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) authorizes that pets supports in lowering cholesterol, blood pressure, and even of triglyceride. And another review tells us that ownership of pet may lower the chance of death in patients having implantable defibrillators.

  1. A better Mood

Being a pet owner may improve your mood, lessening your risk for social separation and unhappiness. According to a review, Psychology tells us that studies describe interaction of human with animals advantages social attitude, social consideration, relational interaction, anxiety, stress, mood, fear, and mental health (Additionally,  improvements in physical health thus in heart rate, blood pressure, and other  cardiovascular disease risk factors). One more study suggests that being surrounded by pets helps recover depression and anxiety in residents of nursing home. Also, having a pet can rise oxytocin, a chemical responsible for good feeling in your body.

  1. Developments in Pain Management

Being surrounded by pets might help in the management of pain, says another study. Investigators say important improvements in relief of pain, emotional distress and mood, occurred after visits of therapy of dog in chronic pain sufferers going to casualty clinics of pain management. Therefore, if chronic pain is producing sorrow in your life, a pet might be just what you require to overcome this difficult time.

  1. Improved Social Interactions

The social health benefits of owning a pet may appear clear, as pet lowers feelings of isolation in people who are socially separated. Pets Not only themselves provide company, but owning pets give opportunities to increase social interaction with other people (when going out for walks or at parks of dog, classes of dog training, or day care centers for doggie, for instance).